Associate Director - Leasing & Marketing | Austin, Texas

The Associate Director Leasing & Marketing is responsible for ensuring that the leasing and marketing needs of assigned communities are met, resulting in maximum occupancy and annual revenue. This is a comprehensive position that will provide corporate support for the marketing and leasing efforts including participating in the strategic marketing process, reviewing marketing medium effectiveness, leasing reports, pricing strategies and new marketing ventures. This position is responsible for maintaining LAMS SOX compliance and providing reports to the Director of Internal Audits. This position works closely with the production team, IT department, Regional Managers and On- Site property staff for all leasing and marketing needs. Certain activities involved in this position may be photographed and/or video and audio recorded for quality control and/or training purposes. Compliance with the Photo, Video and Voice Recording Policy is a condition of employment.

Critical Duties:

  • Leasing and Marketing pricing analysis, recommendations and reporting.
  • LAMS and SMS Administration and Monitoring including account set-up, maintenance and auditing.
  • Training initiatives for LAMS, SMS and Market Survey.

 Essential Duties (other duties may be assigned):

Leasing and Marketing:

  • Assist in the annual marketing plan development, calendar, and HCA analysis.
  • Annual pricing and rental rate analysis and recommendations.
  • Provide leasing and marketing strategy and advice for on-site staff.
  • Prepare reports and analyze all data for the bi-weekly marketing calls.
  • Marketing call coordination and follow-up.
  • Review and approval of marketing materials as needed.
  • Set up, maintenance, and support of Clear Commerce websites and online stores.
  • Review and input of all SAMS requests in accordance with SOX compliance terms.
  • Provide and compile standard SOX reports.
  • Travel to assist and participate in marketing and leasing events and promotions as needed.
  • Travel to identify marketing and leasing needs and problems as needed.

LAMS Administration:

  • Update general LAMS data when needed for all on and off campus properties
  • Set up and maintain all e-funds accounts for all on and off campus properties.
  • Set up payment plans as requested by properties and leasing/marketing directors.
  • Continual review of the LAMS Checklist for all assigned properties
  • Print and Review reports for the monthly LAMS audit.
  • Complete as needed: standardization of all LAMS documents including follow-up letters, leases, lease cover letters and renewal addendums
  • Monitoring and updating LAMS as each renewal period ends, or specials expire.

SMS Administration

  • Strategic oversight of SMS homepage task list, calendar, and reports
  • Ongoing review of SMS homepage and reports to ensure implementation of tasks
  • Analyze effectiveness of marketing campaigns and target markets utilizing the SMS system
  • Completion of tickets/tasks assigned via the SMS system



  • Assign new tickets to directors as needed.
  • Complete LAMS support and payment plan request tickets as needed, checking to ensure accurate rental rate information is loaded.
  • Monitor system for aging tickets, trouble shooting and closing.
  • Update LAMS User Guide and Sample Report Book when necessary and distribute to all LAMS users


  • Sit in and answer questions on all LAMS/MRI integration trainings
  • Set up and conduct monthly LAMS and Marketing training topics as needed.
  • Set up new LAMS and SMS training for new employees based on the new hire list.
  • Market Survey training for new GMs or Market Pros.
  • Follow up on leasing and orientation workbooks for all new employees.
  • Provide clear commerce/efunds training as needed.

 Renewal Process

  • Assist property staff with renewal marketing plan/calendar and implementation
  • Complete as needed: phone shops, follow up calls, or emails
  • The core of American Campus culture involves everyone being fully invested in everything that we do down to picking up the smallest piece of trash. No matter their position or duration at any given property, everyone picks up trash.


  • Technical and Analytical Capacity
  • Ethical Conduct
  • Time Management and Organizational Skills
  • Attention to Detail
  • Communication Proficiency


  • Bachelor degree required; or 4 years’ experience in the student/multi-family housing industry; or equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Experience in leasing or sales



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