Employee Development Specialist | Austin, Texas


The Employee Development Specialist will assist in creating and implementing effective internal employee development, retention, and recruiting strategies.  The position will collaborate with American Campus Communities (ACC) Hiring Managers on seeking out and developing the best internal and external candidates for their properties, departments, and/or other open positions within the company. 

Critical Duties:

  • Develop and maintain working relationships with American Campus employees in order to assist in assessing strengths and development opportunities, career goals, advancement opportunities, etc.
  • Collaborate with the entire Employee Development team, Regional Vice Presidents, Regional Managers, and other American Campus Hiring Managers to identify employees with potential for future career growth at American Campus.
  • Support Regional Vice Presidents, Regional Managers, and General Managers to manage and fill vacant positions through recruitment training and strategic guidance in effective marketing, screening, and interviewing.
  • Maintain and support a designated portfolio of properties and site-level positions in talent acquisition, identification, and placement.
  • Assist in data entry/maintenance of internal talent which includes but is not limited to their current/previous positions, tenure, willingness to relocate, skills, education information, and/or ongoing feedback from their manager(s) and other corporate support members.


Essential Duties (other duties may be assigned):

Employee Development

  • Assist in development/maintenance of processes in which employees are identified, developed, and recruited for internal career opportunities.
  • Assist in the coordination and implementation of Employee Development conferences and programs (i.e. ACCelerate, LEAD, Inside Track conference and follow-up, etc.).
  • Act as a resource for internal employees in their professional fulfillment and pursuit of growth opportunities.
  • Assist in developing messaging and branding for internal growth opportunities.
  • Collaborate with the Training and Residence Life Teams in providing additional training and resources for growth for all American Campus employees.


  • Collaborate with the Human Resources Team to assist Hiring Managers with effective and timely hiring and onboarding practices.
  • Assist in developing messaging and branding for external talent acquisition for vacant positions.
  • Quote, acquire, and manage paid advertising to assist in filling vacant positions.
  • Assist Talent Acquisition Manager(s) and Recruiting Coordinator(s) in scheduling and staffing of career fairs.

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